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Give Your Wi-Fi a Competitive Edge


Wi-Fi is a critical part of any SMB no matter what shape or size of the business. Fast and reliable Wi-Fi can help experiences go from boring to amazing.  Crystal clear voice on a conference call, or easily sharing pictures on their latest purchases, can make all the difference for employees and customers.

Looking from an operational side of things, mobility and apps that always work keep your employees engaged and performing at their best.  When your customers and employees are happy, it lets you focus on what matters most – building the business.

Aruba Instant On Access Points

The Aruba Instant On portfolio delivers high performance, secure Wi-Fi access at an attractive price that won’t break the bank.

Aruba Instant On access point models are designed for indoor, outdoor and hospitality or SOHO environments there’s an option that meets any needs.

Aruba Instant On Performance

Meet the Mobile App

Getting a network up and running, managing and monitoring it has never been this easy.  With Instant On all it takes is an IOS or Android enabled smart device and your ready to go.  Setting up your network is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Aruba Instant On Mobile App



Aruba Instant On Retail

For retailers, network connectivity, security and linking to the Internet are critical operating requirements. Point of Sale (PoS) systems, payroll, inventory control, guest access, and other services are what keeps the business growing.  The in-store wireless network is vital to staff and shoppers alike – until it stops working.  The Aruba Instant On AP11 is perfect for the small boutique, real estate office or a promising dental practice.  You get a cost-effective and simple to manage Wi-Fi solution that’s built to support the mobile, IoT and security demands of today’s busy commercial environment.


Whether your run a small B&B or the hottest boutique hotel in town, we understand the guest experience drives your need for fast, secure and customizable wire-less access.  All it takes is a slow network connection or pool Wi-Fi coverage to knock a review from five to four stars or worse.

The Aruba Instant On AP11D, AP12 and AP17 are great for spaces that require seamless indoor and outdoor access and coverage that provides a smooth in room Wi-Fi experience.  Aruba Instant ON get you a cost-effective Wi-Fi solution that’s built to keep your staff and guests happy.  Get better, simplified software tuning to ensure Netflix, security cameras, key systems or other operational systems all get along.

Office Wif-Fi Aruba Instant On

When starting out, your faced with thousands of decisions that are all competing for your time.  Luckily, you’ve laid the groundwork for success.  High performance laptops, interactive voice and video collaboration tools with a wireless network that can handle all of today’s latest wireless internet of Things – Apple TV’s for display, wireless printers and more.

The Aruba Instant AP15 fits the bill.  It’s built for high density workplaces where mobile is preferred and the increasing number of endpoints, cloud apps and higher volumes of data must be able to deliver the performance that keeps your employees and devices working at their best.  All with the necessary security features that keeps their data safe regardless of their roles.

Aruba Instant On

With Aruba Instant On, you’re getting a combination of world class performances, network security and simple setup and management software to meet any small business need.   You’re also acquiring premium hardware and software that’s scalable, cost effective and supports the growth of emerging apps and IoT, while delivering the best user and IT experience possible.


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