Why Clevertouch for Education?

Clevertouch are continuously developing technology helping them in the aim to be the most innovative in the market.  Why not make your school the forefront of digital classroom technology?

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Check out below how Clevertouch can help your students with new features and ongoing support to future proof your classroom.

Enhanced stylus capabilities

Clevertouch comes with enhanced stylus capabilities so you can assign two colours on our High Precision Touch stylus

Software is free for the life of the screen

Everything is included in the price of your Clevertouch. No subscription fees or hidden costs. Software will always be free for the life of the screen.

Clevershare 2.0

Share content of up to four devices to the screen simultaneously using Clevershare App or a combination with our Clevershare dongle. With touch capabiltites in both directions, all the content can be shared back to a maximum of 50 devices.

Cleverstore 2.0 – Free app store

Plus Series has exclusive free access to Cleverstore, containing hundreds of apps to meet your classroom’s needs. Filter by age, subject and language to engage your students in immersive learning.

Never miss the latest edition of Clevertouch with Over-the-Air updates

Never miss the latest version of Clevertouch with our free to access firmware updates.


Join the online community sharing content, lesson plans and downlaod materials to help suport your everyday working. With the Lessons Onlin App, youcan create lessons using your Clevertouch, PC, Chromebook, or MAC from anywhere in the world.

Clever Message – Send messages to all or individual screens

From your IT Helpdesk or any PC computer, send a message to all your screens or an individual screen. Send emergency messages, news and updates, or a live video address from the Principal.

Clever Account Profile – NFC

Using our NFC system you can instantly access your files, downloaded apps, settings and Cloud Accounts by swiping your fob key on the NFC reader.

Manage screens remotely using our MDM system

The ability to remotely manage all your screens from your IT helpdesk or a single computer. Run diagnostics, shutdown, wipe and adjust settings without going to each screen.

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