Cisco CCTV Video Surveillance IP Cameras CCTV

Stoneleigh Consultancy Limited is pleased to offer Cisco CCTV equipment Supplies, Installation and Maintenance.

Cisco CCTV IP Cameras, Stoneleigh Consultancy Ltd


Intelligent Video Surveillance

Boost safety and security with Medianet-enabled Cisco Video Surveillance IP Cameras.


Cisco In Partnership with Stoneleigh Consultancy Ltd



Cisco Video Surveillance IP Cameras

Improve safety and security with Cisco Video Surveillance IP Cameras. Our cameras offer efficient network utilization and high-quality video. Simplify large-scale camera deployments with Medianet auto-configuring and media monitoring capabilities, so cameras can begin transmitting video just seconds after being connected.

Choose the best digital IP camera for your needs, from high definition to multi-pixel, box or dome, wired or wireless, and stationary or pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) versions.

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