Promethean Elements Series ActivPanels


Designed for schools

Designed and developed in collaboration with schools, the New ActivPanel Elements Series is available in a choice of systems – allowing flexibility according to the school environment, budget and priorities.


Promethean Titanium AP ActivPanel

ActivPanel Titanium

70″ 4K / 75″ 4K / 86″ 4K

Our most powerful, teacher-friendly

classroom solution.

Note: ActivPanel Titanium shipped with Wi-Fi / 

Bluetooth module.

Promethean ActivPanel 65" 4K Cobalt ActivPanel

ActivPanel Cobalt

65″ 4K

Our connected interactive display for modern classrooms.

Note: ActivPanel Cobalt shipped with Wi-Fi / 

Bluetooth module and an ActivConnect OPS-G.

Promethean AP7 Nickel ActivPanel

ActivPanel Nickel

70″ 4K / 75″ 4K / 86″ 4K

Our essential interactive display for teaching and learning.

Note: ActivPanel Nickel shipped with Wi-Fi / 

Bluetooth module and an ActivConnect OPS-G.

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The only interactive flat panel designed by teachers, developed by Promethean… and loved by education.

Designed for the classroom

Promethean_Technology_ButtonTechnologically intelligent

A truly out of the box solution, the ActivPanel Elements Series is plug and play as standard, making it easier than ever to set up and manage classroom technology.

Increased engagement for students at all levels is delivered via the powerful in built Android 8 device providing access to intuitive pre-loaded apps and content – plus additional customisation options greatly simplify IT Management.


Promethean_Intuitive_and_ergonomic_ButtonIntuitive and ergonomic

Thoughtfully designed for the classroom environment, the ActivPanel Elements Series delivers an intuitive user experience via the unified menu – making it simple, quick and easy to navigate to apps, content and resources by mapping the interface and icons to the teachers natural eye-line and ergonomic usage.

Considering the teaching experience in the context of front of class instructions, the ergonomically angled control console* enables teachers to swiftly and intuitively navigate directly to the unified menu, volume, source selection and more.


Promethean_Natural_Writing_ButtonNatural writing experience 

Understanding the importance of the writing experience, we developed Vellum Writing Technology to deliver a natural and precise writing experience.  Writing on the ActivPanel is as natural as putting pen to paper.



Promethean_Learning_ButtonLearning in the moment

Support learning in the moment with Instant Whiteboarding.  Launch this app without the need to connect to a computer and deliver interactive and engaging lessons on an infinite canvas.



Promethean_Apps_ButtonApps at your fingertips

Introducing the Promethean locker – the go to place for all your Android apps.  From the pre-loaded range of essential interative apps to the ability to download a wide range of educational apps from the Promethean Store…the Promethean locker saves time and makes teaching with tech easier by providing a single destination to access, launch and manage apps.


Promethean_Low_Running_Costs#_ButtonLow running costs

Energy Star certified solutions, and removal of the need to replace projector bulbs with older projection technologies, make the ActivPanel Elements Series a cost effective technology choice in the longer term – helping investment to go further even when budgets are stretched.