SMART 6000 Series


Smart 6000 Series

SMART 6000 Series.  Our most popular interactive display with IQ embedded computing and collaboration features for a walk up and use simplicity.

Available Screen Sizes 65″ & 75″


Smart Learning Suite SubscriptionWalk in and it turns on

A proximity sensor automatically powers up the SMART 6000 Series Boards when you walk in the room saving time and energy costs.


Pick up a pen and start writing

The intelligent pen tray automatically selects the black or red pen
tool, so you don’t have to choose it from a menu before writing.


As easy as writing on paper

SMART invented DViT® (Digital Vision Touch) technology to
ensures a smooth writing experience that looks and feels natural.

Unparalleled Collaborative Experience

With 30 years experience in education technology. SMART interactive displays are designed to support teaching approaches that affect learning outcomes.

SMART Multi Touch

Multiple students, tools and colours at the same time

Simultaneous Tool Differentiation fees multiple students to write, ease and move notes at the same time.  Pen ID recognition and Object awareness detection automatically make pens write in different colours, fingers move and palms erase.


Write and save notes directly into applications 

Smart Ink software lets teachers write over videos and into PDFs, Microsoft Office files and websites, then save notes in almost any file type.  Automatically convert notes to text and access tools, such as spotlight, magnifier and screen shade.


Built to use.  Built to last.  

Durable and commercial-grade, SMART Board displays have received many safety, regulatory and environmental certifications, giving you peace of mind that they adhere to government or other regulatory requirements.

SMART Board 7000 Warranty

Engage Students and Empower Teachers.

Together with SMART Learning Suit software and IQ embedded computing options, SMART Board displays give teachers endless ways to quickly and easily create and deliver dynamic lessons.

Smart Learning Suite transforms static content into interactive lessons including collaborative workspaces, games based activities and formative assessments – all in one education suite.

Desktop Experience

Teachers can connect their Windows or Mac computer and deliver interactive SMART Notebook lessons at the display.  Time saving activity and assessment templates are easy to customise for all grades and subjects.

Online Experience

Teachers can add game based and collaborative activities to SMART Notebook, PDF and PowerPoint files, and send lessons to student devices to complete individual handouts or work together in collaborative workspaces.

iQ embedded computing puts everything teachers need to seamlessly transition lessons in one place at the touch of a finger – without extra hardware apps.

Android Experience 

iQ provides teachers one touch access to SMART Notebook lessons and collaboration tools including a whiteboard, web browser, apps library and native, wireless screen sharing.


Windows Experience

Give teachers access to Microsoft Office files and applications on a full Windows 10 Pro computer right at the display by adding an Intel Compute Card to iQ.

Get the most out of your SMART solution 

Your purchase is just the beginning.  Our implementation services, professional development and technical support resources help educators learn to use their SMART solutions, hone their technology skills and improve student learning outcomes. 


Smart Education Consulting

Education Consulting
SMART has a team of former educators
dedicated to supporting implementation,
as well as publications and research
demonstrating improved outcomes.

Smart Professional Development

Professional Development
SMART provides complimentary
professional development plans, and
online courses and webinars that cover
both functional and pedagogical topics.

Smart Technical Support

Technical Support
So much more than downloads and guides,
SMART support has tons of training
resources to get you started and a thriving
community of educators to tap into.


Smart Board 6000 Spec Sheet