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The growth of data networking over the past few years has been incredible. Networks originally built to handle simple traffic now have to carry voice, video, email, e-commerce, Internet services as well as specialist applications like photographic images. Networks are now required to be more reliable and, therefore, network management has become even more critical.

Stoneleigh professional services offer a broad range of services to suit the demands of modern networking requirements. Stoneleigh’s ability to provide highly skilled personnel often means real savings in time and resources for the client. Stoneleigh uses a hierarchical approach to campus network design favouring modern ‘collapsed-core’ style designs avoiding complexity and cost added by a more traditional three tier design and reducing overall network latency.

Stoneleigh Professional Services


Project Management

Stoneleigh’s consultancy services can be tailored to suit the needs of the customer. The services we provide include:

  • Network health checks
  • Advice on design
  • Providing you with the best security solutions and taking into consideration such provisions as BYOD
  • Installation
  • Providing personnel to ensure that the network is fully functioning
Our project management team will collate information regarding the project and supply it to the relevant technicians and engineers. They will also be responsible for making sure that we meet deadlines to keep the cost of the project down, to quality check the work and identify any errors and ensure that the work is of the highest standard. Our team will also work with you to minimise the disruption to your operations.

Pre-configuring and Self testing


In order to minimise the risks associated with a large network upgrade or time critical installation Stoneleigh can pre-install and and pre-configure network equipment and build the network within our own technical department. The network can be fully tested by the customer on our site prior to the installation on the customer’s premises. System testing helps to prove both the network hardware and network configurations before delivery. This facility has proved to be invaluable in mission critical environments where downtime is a real problem, such as in health.
Equipment can also be configured prior to shipment based on information supplied by the customer. The equipment is then shipped to site in the conventional manner and installed by the IT technician.
Stoneleigh can provide engineers to assist with the installation of equipment. This service includes

  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Unified Communications
  • Firewalls
  • Network equipment
  • Wireless
  • Point to point links