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Promethean ActivPanels.  For over 20 years, learning has been, and always will be what fuels our passions. It represents the highest order contribution that we can make to improving the societies in which we live. We believe that the purpose of technology is not simply about automating the teaching and learning process, but to inspire and empower every student.

At Promethean, our goal is to re-imagine and reinvent educational technology solutions to create the dynamic environments, communities, and tools that empower teachers and motivate students to learn.

Promethean brings you industry-leading interactive flat panels and whiteboards that will transform the front-of-classroom experience by providing brilliant display technology combined with next-generation lesson delivery software – all designed specifically for the classroom.

Promethean Interactive Displays

Learn how our industry-leading interactive displays are transforming the front-of-classroom experience around the world.

New Promethean ActivPanel Element Series

Designed and developed in collaboration with schools, the New ActivPanel Elements Series is available in a choice of systems – allowing flexibility according to the school environment, budget and priorities.

Promethean Elements ActivPanel Titanium

ActivPanel Titanium

70″ 4K / 75″ 4K / 86″ 4K

Our most powerful, teacher-friendly

classroom solution.

Note: ActivPanel Titanium shipped with Wi-Fi /

Bluetooth module.

Promethean ActivPanel Cobalt ActivPanel

ActivPanel Cobalt

65″ 4K

Our connected interactive display for modern classrooms.

Note: ActivPanel Cobalt shipped with Wi-Fi /

Bluetooth module and an ActivConnect OPS-G.

Promethean AP7 Nickel ActivPanel

ActivPanel Nickel

70″ 4K / 75″ 4K / 86″ 4K

Our essential interactive display for teaching and learning.

Note: ActivPanel Nickel shipped with Wi-Fi /

Bluetooth module and an ActivConnect OPS-G.

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Promethean Software

Promethean’s award-winning suite of teaching and Lesson Delivery Software drives student engagement and brings lessons to life in any classroom technology environment.

Discover cloud based lesson delivery software that uses technology to energise the learning environment.

Promethean ClassFlow AP7 Promethean Activinspire Software
Promethean ClassFlow

The cloud based lesson delivery software that provides advanced collaboration tools and interactive resources with anytime, anywhere access.

ClassFlow Learn More

Promethean ActivInspire

Known and loved by educators, this powerful award winning lesson delivery software contains a vast suit of tools for creation and delivery of dynamic lessons.

ClassFlow Learn More

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