Radix Viso MDM and Promethean

Promethean and Radix Viso MDM partnership is officially available for Promethean customers in the UK.

Radix Viso MDM enables IT Admins to manage all their schools ActivPanels, Laptops, Chromebooks and more from one user friendly app.

Promethean are offering customers a 1 year Radox VISO License (365 credits) to be included with every new ActivPanel purchase.

About Radix

Radix VISO device management platform for interactive screens (IFP) and signage!

VISO MDM is designed to remotely and centrally manage interactive touch screens and other displays with/without embedded operating systems. Using VISO, you can manage your device fleet, wherever they are located in your network and beyond.

Manage, maintain, remote control, configure, install software and more. Your interactive flat panels, signage screens, Smart TV, set top boxes, OPS devices and information kiosks will always be ready and optimised for its mission.

Radix Admin Console
Radix Admin Console

Main Features

  • Remote real-time screen control/view
  • Screen sharing (one to many, many to one)
  • Software distribution and updates
  • OTA and firmware management
  • Adjust settings (Brightness, volume, source etc.)
  • Power management (shut down, power on)
  • Policy enforcement with web and app filtering
  • Kiosk modes for single/multipurpose usage
  • Grouping and tagging
  • Device-level usage history and reports
  • Preconfigured workflows

And much more!

Radix Viso
Radix Viso

Promethean is a Radix Authorised Solution Provider


Tailored for IFP management

Interactive screens installed in classrooms, meeting rooms and public locations need remote management. Radix VISO device management is tailored for managing devices in such scenarios with a unique set of tools and interface.


Harnessing the power of our unique and intuitive tool set, along with the devices OS capabilities, makes Radix VISO one of the most comprehensive, easy to use and robust device management solutions. VISO comes equipped with a powerful backend platform, lightning-fast communication layer and native integration with your device and with 3rd party technologies.

Radix Viso Device Management Solutions
Radix Viso Device Management Solutions

Device Administration

  • Remote screen control with touch
  • Device info: Model, IP, MAC, S/N, ID etc
  • Set Lock-down kiosk modes
  • Limit usage of selected applications
  • White/Black list applications and websites
  • Tweak the look and feel of the OS
  • Analyse usage patterns and insights
  • Set power management schemes

Firmware Integration

  • Integrate the MDM agent in your device firmware (factory preload)
  • Zero-touch enrolment
  • Enrol with Email/QR/Link
  • SDK and API available for partners
Radix Viso Messaging and Alert Modules
Radix Viso Messaging and Alert Modules

Messaging and Alerts Module

  • Send eye-catching messages and alerts
  • Include images and sounds
  • Send location based tailored messages
  • Record and broadcast announcements
  • Integrate with your existing technologies

Start managing your Promethean Screens with Radix VISO MDM


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