Established in 1986

Customer Testimonials

Stoneleigh Consultancy Limited was founded in 1986, the company designs, builds and delivers a wide range of Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, communications systems,  wireless networks, RFID solutions, unified communications, file servers, network products, cabling solutions and software.

The companies focus on design, supply, configure and install, allows customers to decide what services are required to deliver their own business needs and objectives.

We operate throughout the UK and Ireland supporting customers in Local Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Power, Rail and Education offering services from adhoc data cabling through to complete network and wireless upgrades.

“Some staff were concerned their work would be disrupted during the deployment and contacted me about when it would take place. I was thrilled to let them know it had already been completed without them even realizing it had happened. To me, that’s the kind of value that HPE Pointnext and Stoneleigh brought to the table.”

— Phil Scott, Delivery Manager Head of Informatics, Wirral University Teaching Hospital

Phil Scott concludes: “Our business is to make patients better. Thanks to HPE and Stoneleigh we not only have a network we can rely on for our immediate needs, but also the capacity and capabilities to help keep us innovating to ensure the best possible health care for our patients.”

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