Aruba CX Switching

Introducing Aruba’s CX switches – built for the enterprise.

Created for operational efficiency and resiliency, Aruba’s new switching platforms provide the foundation for high performance networking that supports today’s expanding IoT, mobile and cloud demands.

Aruba CX Switching

Next generation switches transform networking from the edge to the core.

Fragmented Operations
Closed, disparate OSes and
operating with complex
licensing overtaxes IT.

Legacy Networks
Cant Keep Pace

Aging, oversubscribed
infrastructure inhibits IT agility
and digitalization.

Constrained Control and Visibility
Fragmented data with remote
analytics cant offer the depth
of actionable insights needed.

An operating system for today’s enterprise

The Aruba CX switching portfolio harness AOS-CX to provide an end to end, next generation switching solution from edge access to data centre. It provides a modern, cloud native design built on a flexible switching architecture with built in intelligence, programmability and automation.

70% 71% 70% 3bn 41%

of IT’s time is spent trying to identify and
diagnose issues.

of IT budgets
are dedicated
to running the business

of network
configuration is done manually

new Iot devices will be deployed by 2023 bringing new security risks.

of IT teams say
their network
security and
segmentation is not properly


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