Belvidere CE Primary School Promethean AV panel Upgrade

Stoneleigh Consultancy Limited have had the upmost pleasure upgrading Belvidere CE Primary School to industry leading Promethean interactive panels.  This enable teachers to deliver lessons with next generation display technology and gives access to a large resource of software applications designed for the classroom.

Belvidere Primary School had previously been using overhead projectors with interactive whiteboards, enabling teachers to draw, write and manipulate images on the screen.

The school have now been upgraded to Promethean ActivPanels, 65-inch and 75-inch LCD monitors that use an Android-based onboard computer and can connect to handheld devices wirelessly. In addition to some new cutting-edge features and a sharper display, the Promethean panels will not require information technology workers to replace expensive projector bulbs, which tend to burn out every few years.

Belvidere Primary have received 9 new Promethean panels installed by the Stoneleigh Consultancy installation team that included 5 static height wall and floor mounted panels and 4 electric rise and fall floor and wall mounted panels.  The electric rise and fall mounts have proved extremely popular with teachers teaching smaller children in the early years.  Teacher can easily adjust the height of a panel allowing the children to better see and physically interact with activities on screen.

Contact us and we will arrange a demo, so you can witness the advanced simplicity and streamlined technology for yourself.

Belvidere Primary School Promethean V6 Panel 65 inch Stoneleigh Primary School Promethean V6 Panel 65 inch Stoneleigh School Promethean V6 Panel 65 inch Stoneleigh West Midlands Primary School AV Panel Upgrade Promethean V6 Electric Rise and Fall Wall Mount
 AV Panel Upgrade Promethean V6 65 inch Wall Mount  AV Panel Upgrade Promethean V6 65 inch UK Primary School AV Panel Upgrade Promethean V6 Static Height Wall Mount UK Primary School AV Panel Upgrade Promethean V6


Below is an example of a Loxit electric rise and fall mount installed by Stoneleigh Consultancy engineers.  The Audio Visual panel on the mount shown is a Promethean V6 65inch Panel.  This panel has been installed into Belvidere Primary school within an early years classroom and allows the panels height to be adjusted by remote control.  This allows smaller infant year children to not only see the panel better but gives them the same interactive activity access to the panel enjoyed by taller and older children.

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