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Jabra PanaCast Video Conferencing Camera. Engineered to be the worlds first intelligent 180° Panoramic 4K plug and play video solution.

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Take that meeting where you are.

When you have the right equipment, anywhere is a meeting room. Jabra Panacast lets you keep up with your meetings while working from wherever.

Jabra PanaCast Huddle Meeting

Huddle up, without huddling in.

While huddling together is off the table, you can still make use of your small meeting rooms safely, with PanaCast.

Jabra PanaCast Distance Learning

The more you know.

There’s never been a better time to learn something new and PanaCast is the perfect tool for distance learning.

Jabra Video Conferencing For Doctors

The doctor will see you now.

From routine check-ups to phone consultations, PanaCast makes it easy to connect with your patients and staff remotely and safely.

Works with everthing everywhere.

Jabra PanaCast works with all leading video and audio conferencing solutions and is certified for use with Microsoft Teams & Zoom. Be confident that your team can connect, whatever equipment they’re using.

Panoramic 4K video technology.

Traditional video conferencing cameras rarely provide the full picture. Jabra PanaCast covers the full 180° field of view.

Jabra PanaCast Camera
Jabra PanaCast Camera

Perfect for social distancing in small meeting rooms.

Over 50% of meetings now occur in small meeting / huddle rooms. With a screen and the right collaboration technology, they’re perfect for meetings with colleagues in the office, home and across continents.

Intelligent Zoom.

Intelligent Zoom automatically included everyone in the conversation, zooming in whenever meeting participants are present, optimising screen real estates.

Jabra PanaCast Intelligent Zoom
Jabra PanaCast Intelligent Zoom


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