Hospitality Networking Solutions

Offer your guests a WOW experience for every step of their journey.

Create the personalised guest experience travellers want when they’re away from home – one that builds loyalty and revenues. Unlock new possibilities with Aruba. More hotel brands trust Aruba networking products over any other network vendor.

Wi-Fi is the number one rated guestroom amenity.  What’s your score?

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Wi-Fi is more important today than a comfortable bed or a hot shower.  Eight out of ten guests take the time to publicly share their bad Wi-Fi experiences.  Don’t let bad Wi-Fi hurt your business. 

Build greater value from the investments you’ve made. 

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More devices are showing up in guest rooms, demanding ever increasing internet demands.  Smart phones, tablets and laptops to media streaming sticks – proper balancing from Wi-Fi to switch to WAN is essential to providing great guest experiences. 

Getting guests checked in to a mobile first experience is easier than you think. 

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You don’t have to re-authenticate your devices every day at home or work.  Why should the hotel Wi-Fi be any different?  Give your guests a simple and secure check-in experience that reduces frustration and complaints. 

Give your guest a concierge that’s always on duty.

Launch Hospitality Module

Personalise the guest experience through applications like wayfinding to guest rooms, restaurants, and other points of interest.  Give them the ability to order food and drink to where they are and leverage push notifications based on their location and preferences to let them know about offers and upcoming events. 

Deliver better experiences with Aruba ESP.

Guests aren’t the only users of your network. Aruba ESP improves the IT support experience for hoteliers and service providers with simplicity and automation. Go beyond simplified connectivity with a network that’s insightful, autonomous, and secure.

Financing for any budget.

Stoneleigh offer HPE Financial Services. flexible financing programs that assist with equipment acquisition, including payment deferral, equipment recycling, and other forms of financial support.


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