HPe Aruba ClearPass – Secure Network Access Control

Aruba ClearPass brings visibility, control and security response to the anywhere, anytime, any-device enterprise

Stop Hackers from gaining access to your business or public organisation.  Use of Mobile devices such as phones, Tablets, Watches and laptops etc are on the increase.  Static IOT devices such as IP cameras, Smart TV’s, Smart Fridges etc on also increasingly common in the workplace.    More WI-FI enabled devices means more ways for hackers to infiltrate your company or public organisational network.

Why Aruba ClearPass?

Secure all the “things”—corporate, IoT and BYOD— wired and wirelessly  • Identify all devices, secure access and ensure only authenticated,   authorized or “healthy” devices can connect—both wired and   wirelessly—regardless of network vendor • Use a trusted solution, deployed in the largest networks, at over   7,000 organizations, in more than 28 different vertical markets • Ensure your access control can be user and entity behaviour analytics   (UEBA) ready—secure access, then monitor and secure usage

Enforce wired and wireless policy • Define what devices can and cannot do, and what infrastructure, applications and data they can access • Close the gap between encrypted wireless and open-wired ports • Strengthen BYOD security while simplifying application and   device authentication

Streamline network security management • Unify threat and potential breach response with leading security   vendors, all from a single management console • Re-enforce your perimeter and know and control what connects   inside the business   • Automate attack responses and unify threat actions with over 100      third-party security and infrastructure vendors

Improve end-to-end security with Aruba ClearPass

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